Cord Cutting Ritual

Cord Cutting Ritual Event Cover

June 28th - 7 pm

Join me for an evening of new beginnings where we will be doing a New Moon Cord Cutting Ritual.

The practice of cord cutting helps to recover energy that has been lost and to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries. This can be done to remove a connection to a particular person/persons or energy that no longer suites you. We will be performing this ritual during the New Moon as it signifies a new beginning.

What to bring: - A letter to the person/persons or energy stating everything you feel you need to say to them. (This will never go to this person and no one will ever read it but you.) - A photo of the person/persons or a drawing of whatever the energy feels like to you.

Optional: - Any crystals or alter items that you feel will aid you in cutting the cord. - Any DNA of the person/persons. (Hair, saliva, something they’ve touched, etc. This is not required and don’t worry if you don’t have anything.)

The cost of the class is $25. Class size is limited, pre-pay to guarantee your spot. (Some browsers have issue with payment link. Please text me at 763-260-0893 if you are having trouble and I will send you a link.) Please message me if you'd like to reserve a spot and want to pay when you come.

This class is located in the downstairs yoga studio which can only be accessed from the back of the building.

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