Goddess Power Oracle Cards

I offer both in person and virtual/distant Oracle Readings as well as email readings.

Did you know the timeless energy of powerful goddesses rises up and can be expressed through every one of us when we need them? They are there to guide us and empower us, and if we look closely in our reflection, their bright light shines through our eyes, reminding us of the truth of our divinity and the power to choose the best version of ourselves in service and love.

Goddess Power Oracle reminds us of our beautiful relationship to the energy of these deities from around the world. The nontraditional, multi-ethnic art is intended to allow all of us to see ourselves in them, regardless of our origins. 


With this oracle, I’m inviting you to invoke aspects of the Great Goddesses so you can become empowered and evolve into the person you’ve always wanted to become as you move forward. What would it be like for you to stand tall and healed so you can be a strong and effective model for your loved ones and community? You would be contributing to the whole world as we all learn collectively to co-exist in a beautiful and magical synergy. It’s a powerful dream that can be our reality. And we have work to do.


1 Card Goddess Guidance – This reading connects you to one particular goddess that has a message for you. The one chosen is your guide, leading you into an empowered state of awareness, accountability and inspiration.


3 Cards Goddess Power Council Spread – There are hundreds of ways to do three-card readings, but this is one of my favorites since it shows the evolution of potential in any situation you are asking about.

  • POSITION 1: What do I need to know now for my highest good?
  • POSITION 2: What do I need to do to manifest my highest good?
  • POSITION 3: What could the potential outcome be if I continue on this path?


4 Cards Special Guidance Spread from the Goddess Mnemosysne- This spread is helpful if you need clarity about how a situation is still influenced by the past and how to move beyond it.

  • POSITION 1: What theme is still active from the past?
  • POSITION 2: What from the past hinders my progress?
  • POSITION 3: What from the past aids my progress?
  • POSITION 4: What action do I need to take now to release the past so I can progress?


4 Cards Jewels of the Goddess Spread – This spread shows the potential evolution of a situation, each goddess representing a stage in the awareness and manifestation of what you’re asking about.

  • POSITION 1, Maiden: This card represents the beginning/motive/initial inspiration of something.
  • POSITION 2, Priestess: This card represents your personal experience of a situation and how it affects you.
  • POSITION 3, Queen: This card represents how you’ll be empowered as a result of your experience.
  • POSITION 4, Crone: This card represents the integrated wisdom, the lesson learned, and the gift in the experience.


4 Cards Full Moon Illuminating Spread – This spread can be done on the actual full moon or anytime you want to invoke the energies of its illuminating qualities to help you better understand your life and take inspired action on your creations.

  • POSITION 1: What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?
  • POSITION 2: What do I need to release in order to move forward?
  • POSITION 3: What lesson am I harvesting so I can move through it to attract my highest good?
  • POSITION 4: What opportunities next await me?

The goddesses that come to speak to you will represent the themes you are seeking through the four cards. They offer insight and guidance about where you need to place your energy as you move forward.


6 Cards New Moon Intention Activation Spread – This spread can be done as part of a ritual on the new moon or anytime you want to invoke the magic of manifesting, so you can focus your energies and plant the seeds of your most cherished desires.

  • POSITION 1: What do I need to know about the quality of my current intention?
  • POSITION 2: How do I co-create from my most empowered self?
  • POSITION 3: What action do I need to take in order to ignite the magic of my intention?
  • POSITION 4: What do I need to do to co-create my highest good at this time?
  • POSITION 5: What is the potential outcome of my intention?
  • POSITION 6: How, if at all, do I course correct to be in better alignment with my intention for my highest good?

This spread helps you focus on your intentions and gives guidance on the potential outcomes. It’s particularly good at showing your point of vantage, potential paths, and how to get back into alignment if you’re veering off track.

Distant Readings, will be done via Google Meet.


Google Meet prices, which includes time to discuss the card(s) pulled and/or as many cards pulled as time allows. 


Google Meet Reading Prices

15 Minute Session – $30

30 Minute Session – $55

60 Minute Session – $90


In Person Readings, which includes time to discuss the card(s) pulled and/or as many cards pulled as time allows.



15 Minute Session – $40

30 Minute Session – $65

60Minute Session – $100

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