Intuitive Psychic Reading

***Sessions Available in Person or Virtually***

As an Intuitive Psychic, I possess a diverse array of tools and methods to unlock the secrets of your journey. Guided by the currents of intuition and the whispers of the unseen, I employ various methods of divination to offer you profound insights and guidance. Each reading is a unique experience, tailored to your energy and the messages seeking to be revealed.


**Oracle Cards:** 

Within the realm of oracle cards, I tap into the wisdom of these beautifully crafted decks to channel messages from higher realms. With each draw, the cards unveil a story, painting a vivid tapestry of guidance, revelation, and inspiration.



The pendulum dances to the rhythm of your energy, responding to questions and inquiries with its unique sway. Acting as a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, the pendulum reveals insights that often lie hidden beneath the surface.



Crystals, like ancient storytellers, whisper tales of healing, balance, and guidance. I harness the energies of crystals to gain deeper insights into your spiritual landscape, unlocking messages that resonate with your being.



The ancient wisdom of runes, steeped in mystique, offers a language of symbols that uncovers hidden truths. By casting runes, I interpret their meanings to unveil a profound narrative, shedding light on your path and potential.


And more – each method of divination is a brushstroke on the canvas of your reading, providing a unique perspective and insight into the chapters of your life’s journey.


Intuitive Psychic Readings are a fusion of art and intuition, where I am the conduit between the tangible and the ethereal. As I connect with your energy and the energies of the cosmos, I delve into the mosaic of symbols, emotions, and vibrations that weave your story. I interpret these messages with reverence and empathy, offering you a tapestry of wisdom to navigate the twists and turns of your path.


It’s important to note that an Intuitive Psychic Reading is not a crystal ball that predicts the future, but rather a lantern that illuminates your present moment, helping you make empowered choices and navigate life’s uncertainties.


Each reading is a collaboration between your energy and my intuitive insights. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of discovery, seeking answers, clarity, and the spark of guidance that resides within the realm of the unseen. Welcome to a world where intuition and divination converge, where the mysteries of your journey are unveiled one insight at a time.

Virtual Sessions via Google Meet



30 Minute Session – $55

60Minute Session – $100


In Person Sessions



30 Minute Session – $65

60Minute Session – $120

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