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The science behind Numerology is that the cosmos and your life is affected by your birth date, birth name, and many other factors surrounding an individual. In this way, there are great depths that a numerology forecast can provide. Consequently, it can provide often astounding insights about somebody. It is believed that there are no coincidences in the Universe that your name and birthday affect the journey that you will take.


Numerology reveals a number’s inner nature and vibration, and how they correspond to your personal characteristics.


You probably haven’t thought of numbers as having a personality, but as you get to know them you’ll realize most of us have preferences for one number over another. You make these choices because you feel an intuitive attraction to the nature or personality of the number.


Numerology is a language of numbers, letters, and symbols. Numerology is based on the notion that everything is connected, and that everything exists in perfect synchronicity with everything else.


Without that vision, Numerology, Astrology, and other Metaphysical sciences can’t exist.  By tapping into the underlying patterns of the universe, numerology helps us understand who we are.


It tells us what we are made of – it’s a self-help tool, but it also gives us a glimpse of the mystery of the universe and what it means to be part of it.


What answers can numerology give me?  Numerology is, first and foremost, a self-help tool; it reveals your character and your life as a whole.  Your numerology cycles indicate the opportunities, obstacles, joys, and troubles that arise throughout different periods of your life. The way you handle each situation is always up to you.


Is numerology based only on my date of birth?  Your numerology chart is based on your date of birth and the name you were given at birth, but also takes into account the name you use today. Some numbers and cycles in your Numerology chart are derived from your date of birth while others come from the letters of your name. Your full name at birth is seen as the blueprint of your personality, it is YOU.


What does my name have to do with Numerology?  Your birth name is the most important name in your numerology chart, but the name you use today reflects the person you are now. Should you change your name after marriage or divorce? Is the spelling of your name affecting your fortune in life? Numerology analyzes the energy embedded in each name to help you choose.


What is my Life Path number?  Your Life Path number is the most important number in your numerology chart! It reveals the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter throughout your life.


What’s the difference between your Life Path, Expression, and Heart’s Desire number?  Your Numerology chart is full of numbers that influence all the facets of your personality and phases of your life – there are more than 50 numbers in your complete chart. While your Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, and other numbers combine to make up a complete picture, each number corresponds to a specific part of your makeup.


Can Numerology determine romantic compatibility?  It can! Your Life Path number reveals your attitude and your approach to life’s opportunities and challenge, what is important to you, your communication patterns and more. Compare the Life Path number in your chart with that of your romantic partner. Some numbers work together quite well – while others can involve drama you may wish to avoid.


What does it mean when I see the same number everywhere I look?  Numbers that recur and repeat in life are numerology’s way of directing you toward information you may be missing or lessons you’ve yet to learn.


Virtual Readings



15 Minute Session – $30

30 Minute Session – $55

60Minute Session – $90


In Person Readings



15 Minute Session – $40

30 Minute Session – $65

60Minute Session – $100

Reports Available

The Most Complete Numerology Reading Available Anywhere!

Your Personality Profile describes your inborn traits, details why you are drawn to the things you are, pinpoints what makes you unique, and explains how others see you…

Your Yearly/Monthly Forecast looks ahead to the energy and influences you will encounter this year, to prepare you for the unexpected changes life can bring. Monthly Forecasts give specifics for each month to help you make the most of each period.

The Diamond Spirit Reading uncovers the connection between your mental, spiritual, and physical arenas. It describes the challenges you will face this year, outlines its their root cause, and recommends a course of action to help you move through this period successfully. Includes two years.

The Talent Profile analyzes your strengths and talents and lists careers that relate to your unique capabilities.

Number of pages in the report vary from 40 to 90.

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