The Crystal Spirit Oracle Cards

I offer both in person and virtual/distant Oracle Readings as well as email readings.

Do you love crystals? Do you feel an affinity for some but not others? It’s not in your imagination—there is an energy to each crystal that is distinct and unique. It’s true that most people think of them simply as decorative rocks that the New Age has made popular. . . but they are not used just for smooth or sparkly bookends or pretty pendants. Since the beginning of time ancient healers, medicine men and women, and shamans have highly valued crystals for a reason. Across continents and cultures, many legends about the healing powers of crystals have endured.

With the Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards, every crystal is honored as a beautiful gift to us from Mother Earth. Each stone offers us the power to align with its consciousness, which in turn is woven into the Universal Consciousness. Each crystal comes bearing its own message. Imagine that connecting with the crystals in this oracle deck is like communicating with beings of light, frequency, and energy, with different personalities, who have opinions, ideas, wisdom, and special gifts to offer us.

Through attuning with the consciousness of these pieces of Mother Earth, you can more easily return to a state of balance and well-being as you resonate with the healing, stabilizing energies they possess. Working with this oracle will do the same: the crystals’ sacred messages are meant to help you—to bring you into harmony during challenging times and to support your dreams taking form as your personal journey evolves.

This oracle can assist in illuminating what you need to see to support your evolving journey and to give you guidance with love and good information about your next steps. It shows what is invisible or unavailable to you whenever you are hurt, scared, or out of balance and feeling disconnected and contracted, and encourages you to find peace and healing. The Crystal Spirits Oracle will guide you to stay in alignment with your highest good and remind you that you are not alone, that you are co-creating your world with a powerful partner. When your internal radio of the soul tunes in to that vastness of what’s possible for you in your life, you can receive so much more than your own conscious mind realizes. The Crystal Spirits all work on behalf of the Conscious Universe, as expressed through Mother Earth, which is known by many names: Source, Gaia, Divine Matrix, Goddess, and many others. Use whatever name suits you.

The Conscious Universe finds every which way to work magic in your life and wants you to find avenues for tapping into the power of this extraordinary alchemy. These crystals serve as a device to receive the divine guidance they channel from the Universe, so you can choose your destiny rather than be subject to a fate determined by past patterns and the influence of others.

I offer the following options:

1 Card Reading – You ask a specific question to the Universe and I will use my oracle deck to provide you guidance. A specific question is something like “Which Crystal Spirit has a message for me today for my highest good?”, “Which Crystal Spirit would serve me in my meditation today?”, or “Which Crystal Spirit illuminates what is hidden from me?”

2 Card Reading – There are 3 different options:
A. Card 1 answers “Where am I now regarding situation?” And Card 2 answers “What is my next right action for my highest good regarding this situation?”
B. Card 1 answers “What do I need to know about this relationship from my point of view?” And Card 2 answers “What do I need to know about this relationship from the other person’s point of view?”
C. Card 1 answers “What in my life needs realigning now?” Card 2 answers “How do I realign for the highest good?”

3 Card Reading – A 3 card reading is a great way to see the flow of potential and possible outcomes from whatever vantage point you start from. What is most important is to recognize that you are a story in motion and your future will never land on any specific fixed destination. The oracle will show you the essence of your experience rather than tell you the exact form it will take. This distinction is very important when you work with oracles and are trying to discover what tomorrow holds. Remember, the future is mutable, changing all the time based on your current state of mind, your actions, and the effect of what happens in your environment. There are 2 different options:
A. Card 1 represents Past (the experience of your past), Card 2 represents Present (where you are now as a result of how you’ve integrated the past), Card 3 represents Potential Future (the potential experience you are heading into)
B. Card 1 represents Now, Card 2 represents Next Right Action, Card 3 represents Potential

The Clarity Card
Whenever there is doubt about the meaning of your reading, you can always choose a clarity card, asking about either the entire reading or just one specific card. Sometimes you might need another card to give you more information—often because you’re too close to a situation and are unable to understand the subtle nudge from a Crystal Spirit—so you have clarity about the message.

Distant Readings, will be done via Google Meet.


Google Meet prices, which includes time to discuss the card(s) pulled and/or as many cards pulled as time allows. 


Google Meet Reading Prices

15 Minute Session – $30

30 Minute Session – $55

60 Minute Session – $90


In Person Readings, which includes time to discuss the card(s) pulled and/or as many cards pulled as time allows.



15 Minute Session – $40

30 Minute Session – $65

60Minute Session – $100

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