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I offer both in person and virtual/distant Oracle Readings as well as email readings.

The Moon is a mysterious and magical luminary up in our skies. Sometimes she (for the Moon is a she) is visible with the naked eye, sometimes she is hidden. Whatever phase or zodiac sign she is in, she always has a message for us.

The Moon has been in your life for as long as you have been on Earth. But how many times have you turned to her for advice? The answer could be ‘many times’ or it could be ‘hardly ever’. Whatever the case, the Moon now wants to lead you forwards.

These cards have been developed to help you tap into the Moon’s ancient feminine wisdom. They form a powerful spiritual and divination tool that will guide you, heal you, alert you and protect you. Their interpretations are based on very strict astrological guidelines but you will find you can use them in your own way once you get to know them.

Everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason you are reading this now. Perhaps you are at the start of your journey with oracle cards, or with the Moon, or both. Perhaps you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to reading cards. Whatever the case, I’m delighted that you’ve decided to work with the energies of the Moon by using this deck of cards, which has been lovingly created for you.

What these cards are for:

1. Creating your life – By thinking about the cards you draw, you can decide if you like what you’re currently creating for your future or if you can do something to change the path you’re on.

2. Planning your life – If and when you like the cards which come up, you can start to make solid plans – the cards will always tell you the truth!

3. Predicting your life – Once you start to become familiar with the cards, you will see that you can make some very firm predictions based on them.

As much as the cards can be used to make predictions for you and anyone you read for, I believe they go much further than that. They truly can be used to create your own reality. When I use oracle cards myself, I like to get a firm yes or no. As much as possible I have made it abundantly clear if there is a yes or no in the future. However, at other times these cards will also show you the way you’re currently headed, so that if you’re not happy with your direction you can turn and steer yourself towards a new destiny.

I offer the following options with these cards:

1 Card Reading – You ask a specific question to the Universe and I will use my oracle deck to provide you guidance.

3 Cards New Moon Reading – Do this spread at the time of the New Moon or as soon after it as you can, before it changes phase.

The New Moon is a time for new starts. As you select the cards, think about the coming month and ask the Divine to guide you to cards that will help you to understand the energies that lie ahead.

The layout will also work if you ask a specific question about the month ahead.

• Card 1 – What’s rising up in me?

• Card 2 – The main message this New Moon

• Card 3 – The final outcome

3 Cards Full Moon Reading – Do this spread at the time of the Full Moon or as soon after it as you can, though it matters less than it does with the New Moon whether you do it before or after exactitude. As you choose the cards, you can either ask a specific question or ask the Divine for general guidance at this time.

• Card 1 – What’s falling away and what do I need to forgive?

• Card 2 – What’s the illuminated Full Moon showing me?

• Card 3 – What comes next?

4 Cards Waxing Moon Reading – The Waxing Moon is the time from the New Moon to the Full Moon – a period of approximately two weeks – when the Moon appears to be growing in size every night. This is the time for working with gusto towards your goals, and the cards in this spread reflect that. 

• Card 1 – What’s rising up in me between now and the Full Moon?

• Card 2 – What’s the solution to any challenge I face now?

• Card 3 – The advice

• Card 4 – The final outcome

4 Cards Waning Moon Reading – The Waning Moon phase is from the Full Moon to the New Moon. It lasts for around two weeks and is a time when we need to release and let go. The questions in this spread relate to issues that are likely to come up during this period. You can ask the Divine either about something you suspect you need to let go of in this phase or for general guidance for its duration. Lay out the cards in the same formation as for the Waxing Moon four-card spread.

• Card 1 – What do I need to release?

• Card 2 – What will help me?

• Card 3 – What will help me to accept and surrender?

• Card 4 – The final outcome

Celtic cross spread

• Card 1 – The present

• Card 2 – The challenge

• Card 3 – The past

• Card 4 – The recent past

• Card 5 – The outcome if nothing else changes

• Card 6 – Path to the future

• Card 7 – More about you

• Card 8 – More about the situation

• Card 9 – Hopes and fears

• Card 10 – Final outcome

Distant Readings, will be done via Google Meet.


Google Meet prices, which includes time to discuss the card(s) pulled and/or as many cards pulled as time allows. 


Google Meet Reading Prices

15 Minute Session – $30

30 Minute Session – $55

60 Minute Session – $90


In Person Readings, which includes time to discuss the card(s) pulled and/or as many cards pulled as time allows.



15 Minute Session – $40

30 Minute Session – $65

60Minute Session – $100

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